Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Prep Butterflies

Our Prep students have been studying the life cycle of butterflies and were witness to the miracle of caterpillars emerging from their chrysalises as beautiful butterflies. Lots of wonderful learning and joy in the wonder of creation!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Japanese House Plans by Year 7

Sensei Tominaga has had the students in Year 7 work together in small groups to design and build houses that would suit Japanese visitors to Australia, incorporating both Eastern and Western elements. Take a look at the slideshow of their great efforts. Well done, kids!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Year 7 Egyptian Artefacts

As part of their History focus on ancient civilisations, the Year 7 students were asked to research an Egyptian artefact and create a representation of it to showcase in an oral presentation in class. The end results are most impressive and the learning that took place has been valuable. The slideshow below highlights the good work done by these students. Well done, kids!

Year 5 My Place Task

Take a look at the great visual response the students of Year 5 have made to the My Place story. The children have been studying aspects of Australian history and were asked to create a treasure box of items for one of the characters from the book and TV series. The children demonstrated their knowledge in an oral presentation that included their constructed items. Well done, kids!

Year 2 Picture Books

Well done to our Year 2 students who explored the text type of Picture Books during term 3. The children have studied a wide variety of picture books, identifying the structure, elements and the use of figurative language. They then created their own picture books, which are currently on display in the library.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yr 5M and 5/6J Gold Rush Excursion

Last week, our Year 5M and 5/6J classes went to the Gold Rush Eureka Excursion at Beenleigh. Judging by the slideshow below, the day was thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers alike and will no doubt become a fixture in the History curriculum in the coming years. The following feedback was given by students: 
"The activities we did were exciting and interesting. It was fun to put up tents which is how the people in the gold fields used to live. We had a gold hunt. It was fun to find pieces of gold to bring back and trade for money. Some children were sent to jail for running and not having a gold licence. Some children were caught by the bushranger and either had to give him their gold or go to gaol. We panned for gold and used all the gold mining tools. We also role played in the general store and made damper. All in all, it was a great day!"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yr 4M at Wordplay

It was a very excited group of year 4M students who boarded the bus yesterday for a trip into the Cultural Precinct at South Bank to attend Word Play sessions conducted by well-known Australian authors. The class had won a competition run by The Courier Mail, which gave this group of children free entry into the festival for the day. To start the day, children were treated to a puppet show and reading of  Hatched, the first book in the 'The Grimstones' series by author Asphyxia - a hearing impaired circus performer, puppeteer and author. Following morning tea, the children had a hilarious half-hour with Andy Griffiths, author of the very popular 'Just...' series and 'The 26 Storey Tree House', his latest work. The children then had lunch out on the grass, entertained by street performers from QUT. Finally, the children attended Alison Lester's session and learnt lots about the publishing process. Alison is a prolific and much-loved author and we have many of her titles in our library. The children were extremely engaged all day and asked some great questions of the authors. The highlight may well have been Book Signing, when the children were able to get autographs from their favourite authors. Thanks to Mrs Griffiths who organised the day and the parent helpers who came along to help. It was a memorable day!
This what a couple of the children who attended had to say:
Our names are Indiah and Keely and we are in Class 4M at St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, Alexandra Hills. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Writers' Festival at Wordplay. We loved meeting Andy Griffiths, Alison Lester and Asphyxia. Andy Griffiths talked to us about his new book called 'The 26 Storey Treehouse' and another good book called 'Just Doomed!'. His books are very funny and interesting and we recommend you read them. Alison Lester spoke about her life and the books that have influenced her writing. We also spoke to Asphyxia and we learnt a lot about her as she has had some tough times throughout her life. Asphyxia is deaf which has made her writing career harder than usual. Her book 'Grimstones' is extraordinary, considering her troubles.
We would like to thank 'The Courier Mail' for this wonderful and creative opportunity. Our class had so much fun learning about the authors and their lives!
Take a look at a slideshow of the day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Year 2 Term 1 Celebration of Learning

During Term One, the students of year 1/2J, 2M and 2N studied the landforms, special places and emblems of the different states of Australia. They produced much good work throughout the term and should be congratulated on their fine efforts. Their celebration of learning took place in the last week of Term 1, when the children assumed the roles of travel agents for the different states and showcased the brochures they created as their main assessment item. Everyone was very impressed with the standard of work produced! Well done to all the children and to their hard-working teachers!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Year 7 Novel Study

Our Year 7 students are currently studying the novel 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. One of the tasks they have been asked to complete is a reading response activity. This task required the students to produce a 3D representation of the yellow-spotted lizard featured in the novel. Take a look at this Animoto slideshow of their great efforts. Well done, kids!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Year 2 and 2/3 Art Galleries

I had the pleasure of viewing the wonderful artwork on display in the Year 2/3J, 2M and 2N Art Galleries yesterday. Over the course of the term, students have learnt about various painting styles and the artists associated with them - from Matisse to Picasso. The children then created their own art in the style of the artists they had studied. The slideshow below shows some of the wonderful art on display. Well done, Year 2 and 3!

Year 2 Art Gallery on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Year 4 Novel Study

Year 4 students have been reading the novel The Burnt Stick by Anthony Hill and have completed a number of activities based on the novel. Students were asked to complete a task of their own choice to present to the class. Adam and Evie in 4M both created dioramas of scenes from the novel - Adam reconstructed Dryborough Station and Evie reconstructed Pearl Bay Mission. Other children did oral presentations. What great work! Below are just a couple of examples of the wonderful reading response activities completed by the children - well done, all!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday ICT Class

Take a look at this interesting art created by Talia this afternoon using Bonomo.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday Afternoon ICT Activity

Take a look at the art created by students using ArtPad and Idee during ICT classes this afternoon. Some budding artists!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday ICT Group

Take a look and a listen to the Vokis made by the ICT group for this Friday afternoon's activities.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Year 6 Camp

Much fun was had by all at the year 6 camp held at Midginbil Hill last week. The students behaved beautifully and the activities were fun and challenging. School and camp staff were impressed by the high levels of participation of the children. Thanks to Mr Lange and Mrs Bridge who prepared the children so well for this camp. Take a look at the slide show below of some of the camp highlights.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Year 5 Poetry

The following two videos were filmed by the students of Year 5M and capture the poetry composed and performed by two of their classmates - Gianluca and Francesca. Great work!

Year 5 Poetry Unit

Take a look at just a few samples of the poetry written and presented by year 5M students during term 3. The children worked very hard and the results are very pleasing. Well done, kids!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Trailer by 3J

Take a look at this great book trailer on The BFG made by 3J. The children had read the novel by Roald Dahl during library lessons and decided to convince other children to read this wonderful story by creating a book trailer. Watch it here!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Book Trailer by Year 6

Take a look at the book trailer 6J made on the book A Waltz for Matilda by Jackie French. Well done, kids!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Trailer by Year 7

Have a look at this great book trailer for the novel Goodnight, Mr Tom created by the year 7 students during library this morning. Well done, girls and boys!